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Employment Opportunities

Come Blog With Us

Thankyou for your interest in blogging my items.
please look over the following information before you consider applying for a blogging position with my shop.

if your first language is not English, or you blog in a language other than English, I prefer to have my items blogged in both your preferred language AND English. I welcome all languages, but I cannot read your blogs if it's in any other language.

It is preferred that you own at least one animal avatar that i create for [any timber wilds avatar, or the bird -e -mart griffin] and a teegle pet or teegle avatar. A large chunk of my creations are geared towards ferals, so while this is NOT a requirement, it allows for a greater variety of blogged items.

You should agree to provide at least 4 blog posts per month, with SURL/MP links for the item[s] you've blogged. I would like for 4 different categories to be blogged per month.

Bloggers can receive 5% of sales after their blog post of items sold and showcased in the blog, as well as free copies of whatever they'd like to blog. Store credit in the amount of 500L/month is also available, but it would be in lieu of [instead of] the percentage of sales from items blogged.

Thank you for your interest in blogging with us. We will get back to you soon.

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