Custom Order Form

Please read carefully. One custom per form.

You would like to order a custom build, or a custom animal avatar skin? First, read my T.O.S. & E.U.L.A. , then fill out the form below to get started

All custom builds have a minimum price of $300L up front. Custom Builds that I cannot resell are $400L or half, whichever is greater.

All Creations- if they can be resold start at $600L [$3.99USD] with posisble price increase based on complexity. if not then a minimum of $1,500L [$7.74 USD] which is for no more than 2-3 body textures. I reserve the right to increase the price by $500L [$3.57USD] per texture or by complexity of design. Buildings I reserve the right to add costs based on complexity, or the cost of pieces needed to complete the build.

For skins that I cannot resell you receive the applier but not the textures themselves, and I will not resell the textures. If you change your mind and allow me to resell, you will be offered a $500L store giftcard.

For buildings that I cannot resell, you get a copy/modify NO TRANSFER building. I will not give it to all of your friends, that defeats the purpose of not being allowed to resell it, but for an extra 300L I will give to another avatar - meaning 300L per avatar I give it to, for a maximum of 6 total including yourself. If you change your mind and allow me to resell, you will be offered a $500L store giftcard. I will not refund extra fees paid to give to your friends.
If you are wanting full perm Custom Mesh, that starts at 2k per item, with adjustments available.


Thankyou for your interest in a custom design from Multifarious. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for submitting!