T.O.S. & E.U.L.A.

Terms Of Service & End User License Agreement

[MC] Multifarious Conceptions 

~Guidelines, Policies, and T.O.S. ~
Thank you for shopping at [MC] Multifarious Conceptions.  Please read this notice carefully as it may pertain to any questions you may have. 

Its long, so I'll summarize the important bits.

1. No refunds
2. Don't take my stuff to other grids, period   
3. You can use my fp creations in anything you want, hunts, mm, lucky chairs, you name it. No minimum sale price. MUST NEVER be both copy AND transfer. Yes you can give it to your friends, but ONLY with NO TRANSFER perms.
4. read carefully, I make a lot of things. I'm not responsible for you not reading.
5. I do not sell individual gacha items. You can trade in no copy yes transfer gacha for no transfer yes copy gacha of same type for 50L.
6. yes, I will mod things. Yes I make customs. See more details below
7. Two Avatars may distribute my creations FP: Kesi Heartsong & Venus Vesuvius.

Still have questions? Please read the following, BEFORE requesting assistance.


~In case of a failed transaction please send a notecard to Kesi Heartong􀀅, including transaction history, login name, and the name of the product. If an error message occurs in local it would also be helpful if this is provided.


~Generally, our items are sold with copy and modify permissions but no transfer permissions. There are no refunds unless I catch a double purchase. There are no trade ins, though you may buy the item then purchase different permissions. I will not give both copy and transfer permissions on any build that is not already full perm or copy/transfer.


~[MC] Multifarious Conceptions creates many things for many avatars, and lifestyles. Please double check BEFORE you buy, that the item you have chosen, is for your desired avatar or lifestyle. Buying the wrong item because you did not read the text does not entitle you to a refund, especially since 90% of my items are no transfer, and 90% of the ones that ARE transfer, are full perm.


~There are only TWO places which may redistribute my creations, my own store and Creative Horde SPECIFICALLY Venus Vesuvius. In either instance, my TOS applies to FP items. This is accurate as of 2/25/2021.


~If something is full perm, you may use it as part of your own creation, and sell it with copy/modify no transfer perms, OR no copy/modify/yes transfer perms. There is no price requirement for items made with my full perm items. It is suggested you sell for 100L or more, but not required. You may use them for any hunts events, etc you want to, as long as my Terms of Service are followed. They may be used as  group gifts, or as lucky chair/mm prizes. You may not sell full perm. you may not give to alts or friends unless it is NO TRANSFER. You may not transfer any item to another grid without my express written consent that you paid for.


~Gacha Items:  I do not allow purchase of a specific color or item in my Gacha machines. If I am selling the Gacha item outside of the machine it will be in a complete fat-pack for full price. Gacha items are usually 20-50L per play, and with most of my products costing 200L+ this is quite a deal. Gacha items come with modify/transfer permissions, for 50L you may trade in your transfer Gacha for a no transfer yes copy of the same Gacha item. You may sell your Gacha items inworld or on marketplace, you may give them away.

~Tack is made for the Teegle Horse Avatar ONLY. 
~ Texture packs are made for the following avatars and rideables:

      [  ] BRDMRT Eagle
      [  ] BRDMRT Griffin
      [  ] [M.O.R] hellhund
      [  ] Nutbusters Goat
      [  ] Nutbusters Fennex   
      [  ] Nutbusters Hippocampus
      [  ] Nutbusters Noodle
      [  ] Nutbusters Neko
      [  ] Red Remora Fox
      [  ] Timberwilds Deer
      [  ] Timberwilds Fox
      [  ] Timberwilds Lion
      [  ] Timberwilds Wolf
      [  ] teegle/teeglepet


~Older sculpted pet beds with animations are made for humans, or the sculpted timberwilds wolf, fox, or cougar, and may distort other avatars.

~ Newer pet beds and pet items items are made for specific mesh avatars, please read carefully, as animation for one avatar will likely distort any other, including

possibly size mods.


~I am always happy to modify something I have made for customers. I generally do not charge, but I may charge after a number of free mods for the same customer. This means doing more than changing an items perms, as thats not free anyways. This means rearranging a farm layout, or retexturing a house, etc. If I do charge, at my discretion, it is $100L.


~I do offer custom builds, and designs...Please be aware that if you are unhappy with the product, I will resell it. If I cannot complete it, and you are dissatisfied, I will resell it. If you do not pay the second half, I will resell the item.



I reserve the right to refuse any custom order request. I also reserve the right to sell customs not fully paid for, or if you back out or decide after 1st payment you don’t like your custom. If you can’t pay, you have 14 days from being notified of completion to pay or make arrangements to pay the full amount due within 1 calendar month [30 days] or I have the right to sell it.
If you want a rush custom, that’s an extra $500L for builds, and $1,000L for coats, non refundable deposit. A rush fee means you have given me less than 2 weeks [14 days] to do a custom.
For Coats/Pelts/Skins that I cannot resell, you get an applier for your avatar with your textures preloaded. This Applier will be copy/no mod/no trans. I do not give away the textures themselves in most cases. If you change your mind and allow me to resell, you can receive the difference of 600L in store credit.
For buildings that I cannot resell, you get a copy/modify NO TRANSFER building. I will not give it to your friends, that defeats the purpose of not being allowed to resell it. If you change your mind and allow me to resell, you can receive the difference of 600L in store credit.


Please note that the mesh clothing items in our store are bought as blank templates, and so CANNOT be sold with full perms.


There are giftcards for sale, please message Kesi Heartsong􀀂 to purchase one, or grab one inworld from the store, and be aware there are no refunds on giftcards. If you would like to stay up to date on our Terms of Service, and new products being released, please join our group. It is free to join: secondlife:///app/group/3c7fdf39-b69c-d3f2-ad9f-f9057c49297a/about
and please come back and shop from us on marketplace:

If you have any questions or concerns, please drop an IM AND a notecard to Kesi Heartsong